"Jo Ann Miller played a critical role in the shaping of our book and was an essential partner in its success. She has superb instincts for identifying the most interesting subjects and suggesting way of developing those ideas. Even more important, she has a keen eye for trimming parts that aren't central. Jo Ann helped us develop a livelier and more engaging book."
--Elizabeth Warren and Amelia Warren Tyagi, authors of The Two-Income Trap

"Without Jo Ann Miller, this book would never have been written. I learned so much from her. I look back with great fondness on the many hours we sat side-by-side writing and rewriting. Jo Ann contributed so much to Snoop that in my mind she is a co-author."
--Sam Gosling, author of Snoop: What Your Stuff Says About You

"An invaluable resource, Jo Ann brought out the best of what I had to offer and tirelessly offered editorial suggestions that brought clarity and cohesion to my work. Jo Ann is far and away the best editor I have ever worked with."
--Mark Epstein, author of Thoughts without a Thinker

"Jo Ann encouraged me to write my book long before she became my editor, and she has improved the book in countless ways. Above all, she helped me to aim high while writing accessibly, and my writing has benefited from her wisdom."
--Jonathan Haidt, author of The Happiness Hypothesis

"Jo Ann Miller, the peerless editor of Basic Books, has given me untold encouragement and advice on the shaping and molding of this manuscript. I am extremely honored to have had the opportunity to learn from her."
--Brett Kahr, author of Who's Been Sleeping in Your Head?

"Jo Ann's wise counsel and sharp ideas -- offered with patience and good humor -- made my book stronger and more successful. She is wonderful to work with, a world-class editor."
--Mary Pipher, author of Letters to a Young Therapist

"Jo Ann Miller more than lived up to her stellar reputation and worked with me to clarify the focus and vision of my book, reconceptualize its flow, and dramatically reshape the chapters."
--Keith Sawyer, author of Group Genius

"Jo Ann provided extraordinarily detailed critiques of draft after draft of my book, improving it immeasurably. I greatly appreciate her encouragement at every stage, beginning with our first meeting. Without Jo Ann this book might have well been a 'failure to launch.'"
--Leonard Sax, author of Boys Adrift

"An enormous thank you to Jo Ann Miller, who believed in my project within minutes of hearing about it. Jo Ann coached and challenged me, shaping my prose with her compassion and humor."
--Iris Krasnow, author of I Am My Mother's Daughter

"Jo Ann emboldened and sustained me and, with clarity and compassion, helped shape my book."
--Abigail Trafford, author of As Time Goes By

"It was a pleasure working with Jo Ann -- I really enjoyed it. Her advice and good ideas improved my book tremendously. She was always respectful of what I was trying to do, and she improved the writing and made every chapter stronger."
--Perri Klass, author of Treatment Kind and Fair

"Jo Ann's judgment about books is infallible. And her sense of humor is terrific as well. She's always my first choice when it comes to freelance editors or co-authors."
--Susan Rabiner, President, Susan Rabiner Literary Agency

"Jo Ann is clearly recognized as one of the strongest and smartest editors in the industry. I was honored that she chose to collaborate with my author, Dr. Gayatri Devi, on her book, A Calm Brain. Jo Ann brought all her editing and writing skills to the project--fleshing out the concept, sharpening the structure, and making the prose sing. In addition to her talent, Jo Ann is a pleasure to work with."
---Laura Yorke, literary agent, Carol Mann Agency